Blackline Renovations is committed to preserving our environment with both green practices and green materials. We help clients reduce their carbon footprint by using green remodeling practices such as reusing materials, recycling waste products, and purchasing materials locally. We design all our projects to exceed the most stringent energy codes and our efforts to keep our projects green also save our clients money. When we donate reusable items, you get the tax deduction. Minimizing the refuse also saves you money on cleanup after the renovation is complete. In drought-prone North Texas, we are well aware of the need to protect our natural resources. Green materials are a key part of keeping our projects environmentally friendly. Items such as tankless water heaters, double-paned windows, enhanced insulation, water- saving fixtures, high-efficiency HVAC units, energy-efficient lighting, low/no-VOC paints are not only good for the environment- they will also save you money by helping you run your household more efficient and reduce your future home energy costs! nari_logo jpg EPA CR UPDATE LOGOCGP_2C copy crawford    


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