Finding the perfect contractor for your next home renovation is far from easy. With so many different companies, it is hard to know where to start in your journey. With a quick Google search and a few recommendations from family and friends, you could easily have a shortlist of companies with which to engage. But what happens next?

By interviewing and asking the right questions to each candidate you will stand a much greater chance of hiring the right company and avoid becoming an unfortunate victim of another “nightmare” remodeling story.

We have created an easy checklist of 10 the questions you must to ask a contractor before hiring them.

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What our clients have to say about Blackline

The Losito Family

Even before moving into their Midway Hollow home, the Losito’s knew they were going to have to find an expert team to tackle the main bathroom in the house. After years of waiting, and months of searching for the right firm, they went with Blackline. The final product is a must see!

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