Bathroom Remodeling in Dallas, TX

When you wake up in the morning and shuffle to your bathroom to switch on the light, what do you see? A tiny shower? An oddly placed commode? You may want a spa-like oasis to refresh and unwind, but your current bathroom may be far from it. Unfortunately, so many bathrooms original to the home are not designed with you in mind. Small spaces like bathrooms can be transformed with smart design and renovation. You can maximize the space in a bathroom with natural lighting, recessed shelving, or by reconfiguring the floor plan. If you’re tired of your bathroom not being the luxury retreat you want, we would love to hear your remodeling ideas. The amount of options to improve your bathroom can be paralyzing, but we can help you sort through it all to land on great solutions. From the first meeting, we guide you through the maze of finishes and fixtures. In the end, your bathroom needs to be a space where you enjoy spending time. We want to hear about all your needs, wants, and “maybes.” From there, we’ll develop a realistic budget range with design options. We want you to feel comfortable with all the decisions being made, so we will continuously communicate with you which includes setting up a weekly meeting to discuss progress being made.

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